Alison Cardoza

AGE: 35
JOB:  Certified Personal Trainer and Hip Hop Group Exercise Instructor at Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center 
MOTIVATION: Alison says that measurable goals are part of her motivation, and she “strives to reach a new, realistic goal for myself. I keep it simple.”

Here are her monthly goals for the next few months:

November: Get eight hours of sleep a night. “Sleep is so important in maintaining good health!”
December: 30 pullups and 30 pushups daily. “When the weather gets cold it’s easy to slow down on my workouts. I want to make sure I stay motivated, and these two goals require me to continue staying active and pushing myself in a positive way.”
January: “Stretch after every single workout and meditate and relax before I go to bed. January can be a stressful time of year for me since I’m a personal trainer and the gym is busy! Stretching helps release tension, and meditation before I go to bed relaxes me.”
February: (heart-health) Eat fruits and vegetables and nuts for my snacks and only lean meat for my main meals and only water to drink. “I make sure I eat six small meals a day so I am not hungry, and I’m fueling my body properly.”
March: Ab month. “I try to do 200 crunches along with my regular cardio daily and weights every other day.”

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Photo by Melissa Donald