By Torie Temple

When You Feel Discouraged
Feeling discouraged doesn’t have to be a bad thing, says Katie Gangler, licensed clinical social worker of Better Self Counseling. “I think feeling discouraged can be a healthy reality to failing if kept in check,” she says. “I don’t think it can be avoided if you don’t meet your goals.

Discouragement can help motivate us [into thinking,] ‘I don’t want to feel that way again, so I will try something else.’”

When You Have a Loss — Such as a Divorce
Making a tangible change and exploring new interests is something Katie Gangler recommends to cope with failure and create an opportunity for change. Also among her list of ways to bounce back are taking time to grieve, writing for 15 minutes a day to identify patterns and ways of thinking, planning something enjoyable for the future, and getting active.

When You Fail
Katie Gangler encourages her clients to reach out to a support system. However, if there isn’t a support system in place, she says, “Evaluate, hear constructive criticism, and try different things to help ease the pressure. Exercise, quality sleep, diet, and lifestyle changes can help with pressure, anxiety, and low mood.”

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