By Keri Foy

Kristina Johns is young, successful, and funny. She is director of social media marketing at Vest Advertising. Find out what makes her laugh, keeps her balanced, and how she stays informed about the social media marketing industry.

What She’s reading

You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero
“Imagine all the pep talks your best friend has given you in one cohesive piece. It’s a practical, hilarious book on how to accomplish things in life minus the cheesy quotes. I love the honesty behind it, and the funny title is just an added bonus.”

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
“I bought this when I went to Target to buy cotton balls and proceeded to fall down the Target rabbit-hole and buy everything but cotton balls. It’s about a missing baby and how this couple tries to get her back.”

Probably your social media
“I literally get paid to be on Facebook, so chances are I’m probably creeping on your social media during work. Honestly, I should work for the CIA. I’m that good at stalking people online.”

Who She’s following

“Danielle Davis is hands down the best fashion-blogger in Louisville. Why? Because her posts are honest and real. Everybody wants to be a fashion blogger, and everyone’s account seems very fake. Danielle doesn’t bombard you with ‘Swipe up to shop!’ posts, and her captions are low-key hilarious. Seriously, you need to follow her.”

My mom and my friends’ moms
“Parents are the most underrated friends to have on social media. They like and comment something positive on all your pictures and will share just about everything you post online. Shout out to my mom for being my No. 1 hype girl on social media, #TeamDiane.”

Every major news outlet
“I am always the first person to know when something happens in the world since I’m online eight hours a day. I watch all the daily press briefings from the White House on Facebook Live. I think it’s not only important, but should be a requirement, to be knowledgeable about what’s going on in the world. You have all this information at your fingertips now, so why not utilize it?”

Miserable_men on Instagram
“This Instagram account of guys looking miserable and/or asleep in shopping malls makes me laugh every time.”

Facebook Ads Hack Group
“Anyone that’s in Facebook marketing needs to be in this group. It’s people around the world posting helpful tips or asking questions about Facebook marketing. It’s 500 times more helpful than any support chat you’ll ever encounter.”

Photos by Melissa Donald 

What She’s listening to

Kristina hates silence. Anytime she’s alone, there’s some type of noise in the background. “Silence is so loud and weird,” she says.

Sword and Scale
Growing up, Kristina watched Snapped (a true crime TV show) with her mom all the time. It may have played into her obsession with murder-mystery podcasts.

“Sword and Scale is a podcast about famous murders, how they were solved, and the story behind them. There’s even a two-part episode about Louisville in one of them,” Kristina says.

Beyoncé’s latest visual album, Lemonade
“This album dropped almost two years ago, and I still bump to it in my car with full volume. I know all the lyrics to this entire album. No shame.”

What She’s watching

Any and all Bravo TV shows
Real Housewives? Vanderpump Rules? Million Dollar Listing? Watching trashy reality TV is my guilty pleasure. My job is high stress so I like to not think about anything super serious.”

Major news stations
“I appreciate how every major news station is constantly having “breaking news.” Chances are I probably saw it earlier on the internet. I don’t want to watch only one station and then have some distorted view.”

Facebook Blueprint Webinars
“Technology is always changing, which means there’s always learning. I watch webinar after webinar and tutorial after tutorial on the latest changes, or how to execute something in a software program. Facebook Blueprint is the best one I’ve come across.”