Detail image of Janeen Mounts for August 2023 sponsored Norton story.

Janeen Mounts Spurs Hope and Support for Norton Cancer Institute’s Bike to Beat Cancer

Written by Rocko Jerome | Photos by Bill Wine
Sponsored By: Norton Healthcare Foundation | 4965 U.S. 42, Suite 1000, Louisville, KY 40207
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Warren Mounts was an avid bike rider who loved to help people. So it made sense that, after he was diagnosed with cancer, he and his wife, Janeen, volunteered to be a part of Norton Cancer Institute’s Bike to Beat Cancer event. “We formed our team in 2013 along with two others,” she recalls.

Detail image of Janeen Mounts for August 2023 sponsored Norton story.

Warren is no longer with us. But his memory lives on, as does his legacy of giving a helping hand. That small group from ten years ago has grown over the years and has raised over $200,000. “It’s people from my neighborhood, friends, friends of friends,” Janeen says. Every year, she hosts a lemonade stand outside her home, and people come around to contribute, both monetarily and in moral support. “It’s all very moving to see and be a part of. Bike to Beat Cancer and the team at Norton Cancer Institute bring our community together to get us one step closer to defeating cancer.”

Just as everyone has been touched by cancer, everyone can participate in the event by riding in the 5, 15, 35, 65, or 100 mile ride, the spin ride, the virtual ride, or by volunteering or donating. It is an opportunity to come together as a community to help our friends, loved ones, and neighbors who are fighting for their lives and to memorialize those we’ve lost. “People touched by cancer need help with everything,” says Janeen. “This is a way that anyone can open their hearts and contribute.”

The 2023 Bike to Beat Cancer is Saturday, Sept. 9th, at Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro. To register to ride or get involved visit,