By Keri Foy

A chiropractor in Louisville’s Middletown area, Elizabeth Tamminga-Counts believes if you aren’t feeding your mind, it’s not getting stronger. That’s why she is constantly tuning in to podcasts about her profession and reading books to elevate her mind. But like most of us, she does have her guilty pleasures — listening to Taylor Swift and binge-watching The O.C. on Netflix.

Listening to?
Besides an ear for all things T. Swift, Dr. Liz jumps on weekly conference calls through her work.

Dr. Liz owns Middletown Family Chiropractic with her husband of close to three years. The company is part of the MaxLiving network, which offers information-sharing conference calls to its chiropractors. “Run with your pack — you want to surround yourself with like-minded people. These conference calls reground and reconnect me. Sometimes you feel like you’re on an island by yourself. That’s not the case.”

Dr. Liz listens to lots of chiropractic podcasts, such as Revelation Health, but SigTalks is her favorite. “Dr. James Sigafoose is one of the greatest chiropractors ever,” she says. She soaks up the info while soaking in a shower, doing her hair and makeup, or driving in the car. “It motivates me to continue loving what I do.”

In the healthcare field, Dr. Liz knows that information is constantly changing, and the old way is the outdated way. “If you want to help people get healthy, you better know what’s going on in the world. I’m trying to constantly learn.” She also notes the personal benefit to a mind in motion — mental health. “Our brain is a muscle, if you don’t use it, it starts to deteriorate.”

Dr. Liz is in the habit, which she does not recommend, of reading several different books at the same time. “I start one, then pick up another. I go back and forth.”

Currently on her to-read assembly line is MaxLiving’s newest book, Align Your Health, and The Kindness Challenge by Shaunti Feldhahn. “The Kindness Challenge is a 30-day program to improve relationships whether with a friend, spouse, or parent.”

She’s also reading, if you can call it that, The Five Minute Journal. It prompts readers to note the things for which they are grateful. “You don’t focus on the one bad thing that happened in the day — you think about the other great things that happened.” Most of the time she reads in bed before sleep but is known to spend a Sunday morning under the covers as well.

Online, Dr. Liz reads the posts of Mama Natural, a mom who strives to help mothers-to-be and moms of young children lead healthier and more natural lives, and Dr. Josh Axe, a wellness physician, popular radio show host, and national speaker.

“I love Netflix and Hulu.” She loved Stranger Things and is a fan of Friends. She’s currently watching The O.C. Her viewing consumptions veer pretty dramatically into the world of entertainment, leaving her educational media to books, online resources, podcasts, and conference calls.

Who are you following?
While Dr. Liz follows a slim number of social media accounts, Mama Natural makes the cut along with her CrossFit gym and dog accounts. “I have a dog — Albert — he’s the best.” Once again, her social media faves are also more in line with entertainment than education. But, hey, the best life is a balanced life. And Dr. Liz seems to have a knack for finding a good middle ground.

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