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Name: Jaclyn West

Title: Founder and CEO 

Business: GiftWell

What’s the hardest thing right now?
The hardest thing right now is not being able to interact with people like before. With the social distancing measures in place and stay at home orders we have pivoted to accommodate and adhere to those important guidelines. Safety of our customers and staff are top of mind so we shop and deliver with masks and gloves on and sanitize as we go. We communicate with our customers by phone and email and will inform them when we have delivered their gifts with no in-person contact. We’ve also continued our shopping at local small businesses by FaceTime or online communication. GiftWell will contact local shops and artists to place orders and arrange pick-up. Not being able to shop in-person and connect with GiftWell’s customers face-to-face like before has been the hardest thing right now. 

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What’s the most positive thing right now?

The most positive thing right now is seeing everyone’s support of local businesses and how that has become even more important than before. GiftWell is offering a service that believes that even during times like these we should still celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and the special holidays that we hold dear to ourselves and our families. Things may look very different now and we may not be able to be close to the ones we love, but we still need to celebrate milestones and fun times to make those lasting memories. 

A daily practice or routine that helps me?
A daily practice that helps me during this time is writing every morning in my gratitude journal. It helps me focus my attention on the positives in my life, especially during a time like this with all the uncertainties. I enjoy a cup of coffee in my favorite coffee mug then I sit down and open my gratitude journal. I think of the good things that happened in my life the day before and what I am looking forward to in the upcoming day. It forces me to pay attention to the good things in my life, big or small, that I might have taken for granted before. It sets the tone of the day for me with a positive mindset. 

Anything that I would like others to know concerning my perspectives during this time?
Even with many unknowns and uncertainties right now, we still need a sense of celebration in our lives. Remembering your loved ones’ and friends’ milestones during this time is arguably more important than ever! We will get on the other side of all this, and when we do, we will remember the unique memories and fun times that were celebrated while we were in quarantine. 

P.S. Have you tried journaling?

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