By Lucy M. Pritchett

A hair museum? Not someplace one would normally think of as actually existing. But in celebration of its 31st year, Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique Owner Stefanie Griffith thought creating such a place would be entertaining as well as a chance to celebrate the history of the business. Also, she found it a way to appease her curiosity about the history of All Things Hair.

Stefanie calls the tribute “Styles Through the Decades” and has invited clients and friends to contribute photos, stories, and styling tools for the display in the large event space in the back of the three shotgun houses that now are connected to create the salon, spa, and clothing and gift boutique in New Albany.

Photos by Trina Whalin 

The salon was originally established by her parents in 1985 and Stefanie and her two sisters, Stacy Tunnell and Julie Young, bought the business in 1993.

Evelyn Merkel (left) owned Alex Adams salon and was co-owner of Alix Adams Talent Agency. 

“We started the display this past April and feature a different decade every two months. I enjoyed researching the history of these buildings that were erected in the 1930s. The display features photos of local celebrities — our clients, family, and friends. It’s fun to hear their stories and see pictures from the different times.”

“We will be celebrating the 1970s with a party on October 12. People can dress up in fashions from then and we will serve cocktails and appetizers and play music from the decade.”

While Stefanie has been looking back on the history of hair and fashion, she also shared the three things from the present that work in her life.

Asics Model GT-2000 series running shoes

Fourteen years ago I trained for and ran the Louisville Triple Crown. Then, at 40 I ran a full marathon. I really am more of a casual jogger. I just enjoy seeing the sites as I run. I see so many more details. At least once a week I go on a long walk — maybe five or six miles. These shoes give me good support. I get them at Pacers & Racers in New Albany. I am not particular about the color. Once one pair wears down, about twice a year, I buy a new pair and wear the old pair around the house.

Her Hair Products

I use Aveda’s Invati Exfoliating Shampoo. It is formulated for thinning hair. It removes buildup on the scalp that can clog pores. I don’t wash my hair every day so between shampoos I use Aveda Shampure, a dry shampoo. I also use the Mademoiselle Designer Shower Cap. Most shower caps are so small that my hair was always getting wet in the shower. This one is nice and roomy and holds all my hair.

EveryDollar personal finance app

My husband and I just started using this app a few months ago. We figure our monthly budget and decide what we can spend in each area after the monthly bills are paid. We try to keep within our limits, for example, on groceries and dining out. We can both access it from our phones or laptop. It’s very easy to use and helps us to stay within our budget for the month.