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The Butterflies and Blooms exhibit is back at the Louisville Zoo! This exhibit just arrived and will be open until September 22. Admission to see the butterflies among a variety of colorful flowers is free with Zoo admission or a membership.

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The Americana World Festival  is happening this Saturday starting at 11am. The event, which will be held at the Iroquois Amphitheater, includes food, fun, and music with an emphasis on celebrating culture and diversity in our city. 

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Planting Pop-ups  are happening every Saturday this month. Choose from a large variety of flowers and let the flower magic begin. Guests can bring their own pot and choose flowers or purchase one of the pots provided by Wallitsch Nursery. Use your new potted plant to spruce up your home, garden, or give it as gift. 

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The Brown Hotel is taking the party to the top. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the sounds of music on their rooftop. Drinks and food will be provided for guests and dancing will begin later in the evening. 

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If you’re in the mood for an aquatic adventure, go to the LaGrange Quarry on Saturday to try paddle boarding and yoga in the water. No experience is required for this event taught which is taught by a certified SUP Yoga instructor. 

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Create your own piece of artwork while indulging in a glass of wine. Paint N’ Sip, held at the Old 502 Winery, is the right event for you to attend whether you need to unwind after work or just try something different. Guests will be painting “Dragonflies at Moonlight.” This event is from 4-7pm on Saturday and tickets can be purchased online.