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Starting this Saturday, Norton commons will be hosting their Tour of Homes and Design Show featuring 12 unique homes open for viewing to all visitors. Along with this, guests will have a chance to tour The Grove, Norton Commons new recreational area featuring nature trails, and ampitheater and a pool. 

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The Louisville Zoo is celebrating 50 years of fun memories within our community and invites you and your kids to visit this weekend for 50Fest. With games, prizes, snacks and more there is plenty to keep your children busy. Even become part of their photo mural, with proceeds supporting animal care and conservation. 

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Foxhollow Farm’s Sunset Concert Series kicks off this Friday with performances by Josyln & The Sweet Compression and Lauren Eylise.  Take your whole family, even including your furry friends, to this fun outdoors event to kick off the warm weather. 

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Visit Jefferson Memorial Forest this Saturday for their annual Forest Fest, featuring live bluegrass music all while admiring Kentucky’s beautiful scenery. This event will feature the music of six Bluegrass and Americana acts as well as local food vendors and fun youth activities. 

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This Friday, Mercury Ballroom is hosting A Tribute to Journey, a night filled with songs by the classic 80’s rock band, Journey. This tour is put on by the tribute band Departurewho has been touring as Journey for 11 years. Tickets to this event are $12 and it starts at 9 pm. 

P.S. Eating strawberry tall cakes followed by a massage is a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.