By Marie Bradby

It was casual Friday at the “J” offices, as staffers affectionately call the Jewish Community of Louisville — the umbrella organization for the Jewish Community Center and the Federation Foundation. Executive Shayne Brill had on tennis shoes, jeans, and her new pullover with the JCL logo that the staff received as an appreciation gift.

“If every day could be Friday, it would be so easy,” says Shayne, 44, who is senior director of marketing, communications, and engagement. “After all, we are a health and wellness organization, so we can be more casual.”

But, whether it’s jeans or her typical well-tailored slacks and button-down shirts, Shayne is all business, all the time.

“I would describe my style as kind of modern preppy,” she says. “I don’t follow the trends. I like very tailored, classic looks. I might infuse some of the trends that I am comfortable with, but I’m not flashy. I’m not the one to go out and buy the latest thing.”

Upgrading JCL’s communications
A year ago, Shayne was brought onto the staff of JCL to raise the level of JCL’s brand throughout its communications platform, from its website to email blasts, newsletters, and social media. She and her staff have been busy improving JCL’s messaging and presence in the city.

Shayne, who has 20 years of experience in advertising, says, “One of my major goals is to improve all of its communication efforts, to evolve it into a stronger digital ecosystem, a stronger social media presence, and web presence.

“Our different departments can be very ‘silo-ed’ sometimes,” Shayne says. So, she’s been meeting with department heads to find out what’s going on in fitness classes, in the art gallery, the senior center, the early childhood center, and others — essentially, the events and programs that people are talking about.

“I come back to my marketing team and tell them, ‘Let’s make this a campaign, so we’re not just talking to our same audience.’ We want this information across all touchpoints — the digital page, email blasts, on the website, the monthly community newspaper. I want it to look professional and polished. We’re thinking on a broader scale.”

Photos by Sunni Wigginton 

Know the purpose of your clothes
The same big picture goes for her work wardrobe. “I want my clothes to say that I am very professional but also approachable and easy going,” Shayne says. “I like to look very polished. On the weekends, it’s a totally different story because I’m a mom. I’m on a mission — yoga, Target, the grocery store, basketball, soccer.”

Inspired by women’s solidarity
In light of recent news about sexual harassment in the workplace, Shayne says, “I truly feel like clothes aren’t the issue. You could be covered head to toe, like in scrubs, and that wouldn’t keep you safe from sexual harassment.

“However, I am thrilled that there is a voice now and that people feel empowered to talk about these issues. At the Golden Globe awards, I was inspired when all those women wore black in solidarity. I feel like it’s time we talk about these things and make changes.”

Not a big shopper
Married with two boys, ages 10 and 12, Shayne spends most of the household’s clothing budget on her growing sons. Her go-to for her work wardrobe is Banana Republic. “Those clothes fit me well,” she says. “They are very versatile; you can mix and match them.”

She also looks forward to hand-me-downs from a fashionable friend who gives her clothes away. “I feel like I won the lottery when she gets bored with something.”

Contact allergies limit her use of make-up and jewelry.
“I have contact allergies to many ingredients and fragrances in beauty products such as make-up and hair care products. Unfortunately, this really limits the products I can use and thus, I don’t wear a ton of makeup — talk about a humbling experience, especially at my age.

“I am also allergic to all metals except platinum (my husband is thrilled) so I wear very little jewelry,” she says. “My allergies have kind of forced me to channel my inner hippie!”

Big JCL projects ahead
Shayne is excited about addressing the communications needs for new projects, including the proposed new JCL building, which is still in the preliminary planning stages.

“It will replace this building,” Shayne says. “We love this building, but it was built in the 1950s and we’ve outgrown it, though it’s been renovated over the years. The new building will probably be constructed at the back end of our property, so we will continue operating while the new building is built.”

Don’t Miss This Upcoming Event: JCL will be celebrating Israel’s 70th birthday with a community-wide family festival on April 22. The event will feature 70 fun, Israeli-themed games and activities as well as authentic Israeli street food and music. “JCCs across the U.S. and globally will be celebrating Israel’s birthday,” Shayne says.