Lauren stands in front of a mural on Story Avenue across from Butchertown Market. She says this is her favorite mural, because it tells the story of Butchertown’s history.

How many times do we ask ourselves, “Am I truly happy with the life that I’m living?”
We often are distracted and pulled in a million different directions, so when we’re given the chance to stop and pause to ensure our intention is where we want it to be, it best be taken, says Lauren Hendricks, philanthropist and marketer by day, and a woman who is renovating her home.


Lauren is the kind of woman that is “Louisville” all the way through — born and raised here, and an alumna of the University of Louisville, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communication.
She started small 12 years ago as one of the founders of the Forecastle Foundation and is now board chair and part owner of A + H Marketing.

Although she’s reached beyond any professional realm that she ever thought she’d be in, she swiftly reminds herself to follow her intuition and stand with companies that have a local and honest mentality that matches her belief to be who you say you are, both personally and professionally.

“The only way that I’ve been able to stay in a really good place in life is through my partner, L. As we have taken on various projects, like renovating our home in Butchertown, it has caused us to grow together with a continuous intention to remind ourselves to do what makes us happy in life.”
Lauren’s passion to live a life of depth with intention has catapulted her into making a lasting effect upon the city of Louisville, with the hope of her work and life echoing into the world at large.

“If I could give myself advice about passion 10 years ago, I’d tell myself to stay true to my beliefs and know that I’m making a difference.”