By Aubrey Hillis

Whether she’s attending a Louisville Orchestra performance or walking through 21C Museum Hotel, Patty Johnson knows the art of dressing well for any situation or season. When the temperature drops, Patty creates fashionable outfits that keep her warm. Here’s what she’s wearing this month.

Job: Rheumatology Medical Sales Specialist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Self-described Style: Classic with a whimsical twist
Why She Chose This: “Given the chill in the air, I wanted warmth with some glamor. I wear a great deal of black using it as a canvas and add accessories to make it pop. My dream is to open a boutique featuring accessories and art.”

Jumpsuit: Rodes $450
Wrap/Jacket: Scout, $100
Gloves: Amazon, $60
Shoes: Dillards, $90
Necklace: Rodes, $300
Clutch/Purse: Peacock on Third, $50

Do you want a similar style? Check out these places:

Jumpsuit: Bloomingdales Neiman Marcus
Wrap/Jacket: ASOS
Gloves: Amazon
Shoes: Dillards
Necklace: Etsy
Clutch/Purse: Dillards