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VaShaun Mosby has published two autobiographical books titled Behind Her Eyes, the springing board behind her publishing house, and 365 Days of Attacks but God which chronicles a year of challenges she faced as an entrepreneur. “I highlight and speak about the problems and offer encouragement and prayers for how I got through those things,” she says.

She Sets You Up for Success

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By Tiffany White | Photo by Kylene White

VaShaun Mosby is showing small business owners and those pursuing a career how they can achieve prosperity. A native of Lexington, VaShaun left the corporate sector after 20 years to become an entrepreneur in August 2015. And she expanded on her altruistic vision of entrepreneurship when she relocated to Louisville in September 2020. “I didn’t plan on becoming a serial entrepreneur… all of my businesses evolved from a need I saw in the community,” she says.   

Now, VaShaun runs four businesses under the VaShaun Nicole Group whose mission is to help small business owners maximize their company’s growth. “I want to show small businesses that we don’t have to just be small businesses. I wanted to run my businesses as a corporation,” she says. 

VaShaun Nicole Enterprises: VaShaun became interested in writing an autobiography about overcoming the struggles in her life. But a chat with Julia Royston, a local publisher, unexpectedly resulted in VaShaun opening her own publishing house called VaShaun Nicole Enterprises in 2016. She published two autobiographical books titled Behind Her Eyes (2016) and 365 Days of Attacks but God (2018). In a deal with Barnes and Noble and Joseph Beth Booksellers, VaShaun did a series of tours and inspirational book signings with the hope of being an encourager for women.    

VaShaun Nicole Consulting: Oftentimes, people with a criminal record have more difficulty finding employment, but VaShaun developed an idea for eliminating the obstacle through VaShaun Nicole Consulting. The staffing agency, created in 2018, offers clients professional development training courses with a focus on helping them find a sustainable career.

“I want to show small businesses that we don’t have to just be small businesses.”

Vauntech Solutions: While working with the clients from VaShaun Nicole Consulting, VaShaun noticed they didn’t have an efficient way of finding resources that could help them support their families. So, she started Vauntech Solutions in 2020 and is developing technology to solve the problem. The tech project will be completed in December. “There are people who don’t have access to the technology needed to access welfare or find housing. Where is the technology that will help people find housing and locate food? The goal is to innovate technology that is used in social services spaces.” VaShaun says solving this problem became her priority when one of her clients from the staffing agency had an unfortunate experience. The client was on his way to work and had a scheduled meeting with his parole officer when his car broke down. He couldn’t use his phone, because the battery didn’t work. Consequently, law enforcement sent the client back to jail for what they perceived as a parole violation. VaShaun says having technology that would have enabled him to contact his parole officer quickly could have changed the outcome. 

VaShaun Nicole Advisors: Also established in 2020, VaShaun Nicole Advisors provides over 130 professional development training classes for entrepreneurs. These courses are designed to enhance a client’s skill set. The company also offers courses for young professionals in administrative development. 

And she isn’t done yet. Philanthropy has become a major part of VaShaun’s future initiatives. She has plans of starting the VaShaun Nicole Foundation which will provide financial assistance to Black students who either want to attend college or pursue a trade. Making a monetary investment in the community is her principal objective. Within the next two years, she also will open VaShaun Nicole Properties – a company that will assist entrepreneurs in securing a workspace and provide funding for people seeking homeownership. “I know my purpose is servicing my community and ensuring everyone has equal access to resources and equal access to success … [it’s about] being more community-focused and driven and putting my money where my mouth is.”

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