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Establishing an authentic connection with her clients is a priority for Selena Jones NMLS 1154482, a loan officer with TBF Mortgage Company NMLS 1934540, Equal Housing Lender.

She Makes The Home-Buying Process Easier

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By Tonilyn Hornung | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn

When your life’s calling aligns with your chosen career, passion and purpose are there to lead your way to new heights. Selena Jones, a loan officer with the TBF Mortgage Company, has found this inspired purpose in a profession she cherishes. For nearly nine years, Selena has been making dreams come true in the mortgage industry. Her accomplished background in marketing, public relations, and the non-profit world creates a knowledgeable base for her work, and she says, “I have a heart that wants to help and serve my clients throughout the entire process.”

In a fast-paced industry that doesn’t always have a client’s best interest at heart, Selena offers her patrons a different experience. “I’m there to give people the guidance and support they need whenever they need it,” she says. With a caring attitude, Selena is conscious of her clients’ experience. Taking steps to ensure everyone is feeling confident throughout this process, Selena offers compassion and a comfortability not often felt in the business.

It’s Selena’s dream to continue to help people achieve their goals whether it be in buying their first house or acquiring a mortgage befitting their financial needs. “I’m here to support a family in their dreams and goals,” she begins, “and I want to be there throughout their lives.” She’s ready to be your guide through your many financial milestones. Selena says it’s a privilege to see her clients’ lives develop and grow and when that happens, “It’s really cool.”

Using all available resources to move you closer to your life’s vision, Selena says working for TBF Mortgage Company carries many advantages. “We’re a locally owned and operated company and we care about the community,” she says. This also means they understand the fluctuating Louisville market. Plus, TBF Mortgage is a brokerage company and this gives Selena the flexibility to work with over 20 nationally recognized lending institutions providing more opportunities for buyers. Selena’s work ethic in unparalleled, and she reveals the best part is sitting at the closing table and savoring that special moment with her clients who have become
good friends.

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