“I like being instrumental in helping their business grow, and I grow with them”

She Empowers Business Owners

LaTanya Henry, CPA and president of LMH Accounting & Consulting, is making financial literacy the cornerstone of her business.

SPONSORED BY LMH ACCOUNTING & CONSULTING, LLC | 629 South 4th Street, Suite #302, Lou., KY 40202 | (502) 996-7150 | lhenry@lmhaccounting.com | By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn

LaTanya has always been attracted to balance. “I liked the accounting side of the financial house [and] the idea of things balancing; debits and credits, and they must equal all the time. Even in life, you try to have work/life balance,” she says. Of course, during tax season, finding that balance is difficult. LaTanya jokes with a work colleague that during tax time, they are working “half-days,” except they are at the office for 12 hours of a 24-hour period.   

Being a business owner herself, LaTanya is ever mindful of her clients’ needs, especially if they are small business owners or venturing into a new professional endeavor. “I like being instrumental in helping their business grow, and I grow with them,” she says. She does the numbers but also offers education and sound financial advice so that her clients are in stable, balanced situations. “I put my best foot forward and go to bat for them all the time,” she says.


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