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She Designs with Passion & Purpose

By Riece Drew | Photo by Adam Henry, Alias Imaging, courtesy of Kolar Design
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“If you look at the lotus, not only does it come from challenging conditions of mud and rock, but it has to break through just to get to the surface to see the sun,” says Kelly Kolar. “And then it opens and closes every day, recreating itself. Like a lotus flower, I want to be an open source of creativity for others to help them find their growth. To find their power to create and access that within themselves. I love to help them discover and amplify that.’’ Kelly is the President and Founder of Kolar Design and the Second Vice Chair of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Forum.

Kolar has been growing for 33 years, building brand experiences derived from data that deliver measurable business results for its clients. “Design is our hallmark, but our differentiator is our insights,’’ Kelly says. “We can showcase to our clients what’s going on in their business or community.’’

“It’s all about harnessing the power of purpose for women not just nationally, but globally, and helping women to connect and grow.’’

Another focus for Kelly is uplifting women-owned and minority businesses. That is why she and the Kolar team support organizations such as WBENC ORV and Women’s Business Collaborative, a group dedicated to accelerating the advancement of all women business leaders and spotlighting the need for gender, diversity, and pay parity in the workplace. “It’s all about harnessing the power of purpose for women not just nationally, but globally,’’ she says, “and helping women to connect and grow.’’

Kolar’s values are centered around a legacy built on design excellence, diversity + inclusion, wellness, and sustainability. Their mission is to build better environments and stronger communities around the world.

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