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Beverly Edwards, president of Episcopal Retirement Services, says caring for her grandparents as a child became the inspiration behind her career choice.

Beverly Edwards Finds Joy In Caring For Others

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By Tonilyn Hornung | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn

When destiny called, Beverly, who is vice president of residential healthcare at Episcopal Retirement Services, answered. Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Beverly attended Jackson State University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration.  Beverly later received her Executive Masters of Business Administration from Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky. Beverly’s career path led her to work with such organizations as The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society which was ultimately the catalyst for her move to Jeffersontown, Kentucky. After 13 years of service as a licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA), she answered that fateful call which led her to Episcopal Retirement Services to continue her vocation of assisting older adults with enhancing their quality of life. 

When Beverly received that first phone call seeking her leadership at Episcopal Church Home, she says, “In the moment, I prayed, ‘If I’m supposed to continue to serve in aging services then open this door.’” Beverly was selected to come on board as the executive director of Episcopal Church Home and this was the sign she needed to continue serving in the healthcare industry. Working at a premier senior living community allowed her to move from one significant job position to the next. Now, Beverly is continuing to serve those in the aging community as the vice president of residential healthcare at Episcopal Retirement Services. “The culture of Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) is second to none,” Beverly says. 

Beverly provides overarching leadership and support for three communities within ERS: one in Louisville and two in Cincinnati. She works closely with the administrators within those communities as they care for their residents and help serve their staff. ERS works “to enrich the lives of older adults in a person-centered, innovative, and spiritually based way.” Beverly explains that ERS makes it possible for residents to maintain their vitality through person-centered care, a variety of social and recreational activities and services they can enjoy. Another bonus to living within an ERS community is individuals are able to be cared for at any stage in their lives. “This way as residents’ health needs change, they can continue to be supported,” Beverly says. 

Beverly reveals her destiny is to be of help in aging services and she brings a firsthand knowledge and high levels of empathy to her chosen profession. “As a tween, I had the privilege of caring for both my maternal and paternal grandmothers,” she says. These experiences were life-changing and ultimately what propelled her to pursue her chosen career. Serving in long- term care is Beverly’s mission and her past experience supplies her with an unending amount of empathy which enhances the lives of those around her. “I experienced this all firsthand and I feel individuals are receptive when they know you’ve been there, too,” she says. 

“My greatest joy is to see individuals happy,” Beverly says. But when she needs a little uplifting, she doesn’t have far to look because the culture in the ERS organization keeps her inspired. “It’s amazing,” she says. She goes on to say the staff at ERS takes the time to genuinely nurture relationships and truly know the needs, hopes, and dreams of residents and staff within ERS aging communities. “My job is more than just a job. It is an extension of my family,” she says. 

In addition to her work family, her own family is always there to offer encouragement. Her husband of 11 years and young daughter are walking her path with her, and she says, “My husband has always been supportive of my career.” 

Caring for those in the aging community is a calling Beverly answered.

For those wondering how to follow their own inner calling, Beverly offers this advice: Make sure the voice within you remains positive. If you remain positive, and prepare for what you aspire to be — when your opportunity arises, you’ll be ready. Beverly acknowledges

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