Victoria Vogt and Scott Davis married in a May outdoor wedding for 300 guests at Driscoll Estate in Taylorsville, Kentucky. The day brought nice, though windy weather, and a little issue with an arbor altar brought the families together. “My stepdad and I built our arbor in sections so it was easy to transport,” says Victoria. “but 30 minutes before I was to walk down the aisle, the wind blew it over. Seeing the guests helping piece it back together really made me realize how supportive and caring people truly are. Luckily, people had power tools in their cars and were also able to paint over the dirt.

Best Money Saving Tip: DYI anything and everything. We got baby’s breath for flowers and did really simple centerpieces. I found pieces from other weddings that went with our theme.

Photos by Moment in Time Photography

Location of Ceremony: Driscoll Estate in Taylorsville, Kentucky.
Why it worked: It was beautiful. There was plenty of parking, and they even had golf carts transporting people to and from the ceremony area, reception barn, and cars.

Location of Reception: Driscoll Estate in Taylorsville, Kentucky.
Why it worked: It was in a big open barn so there was plenty of room for everyone to be seated. Easily accessible to the food line and made for a nice flow.

Photographer: Moment in Time Photography

Dress: Couture Closet in LaGrange

Bridesmaid Dresses: My girls all felt comfortable in different styles, so I had them pick their own dresses. Couture Closet actually had some sample sizes, so some of the girls got their dresses for $12!

Tuxes: Bridal Warehouse
Why it worked: Chuck really helped us out there! He took the time to find what we would like best. We actually went in there thinking one thing and left realizing our vision wouldn’t have looked as good as his. He really knew his stuff!

Video: Will Campbell
Why it worked: He took the time to make sure everything looked great. You wouldn’t have known he was there, really, because he was not in your face the whole time with the camera.

Food: Vega’s Delicious Wishes Catering
Why it worked: Low cost and amazing food. People are still talking about his amazing potato salad.

Cake: We had Gigi’s mini cupcakes and they were a huge hit.

Why it worked: Scott has a gluten intolerance so we made sure there were plenty of gluten-free cupcakes. Only downside was they were gone before we “cut the cake.”

Flowers: I made my own!

Music (both ceremony and reception): Hey! Mr. DJ!
Special choices: DJ Glenn Davis

Rings: Davis Jewelers
Why it worked: They really worked with our budget and made sure we were happy with the finished product.

Hair: Hannah Finch and Southern Roots Salon
Why it worked: She really took the time to make sure everyone was happy with their finished look. She works well under pressure too!

Makeup: Rick Bancroft was very high energy and really cares about his clients.

Length of Planning Time: 11 months

Budget: $15,000; $15 a person for meal.