Alisha Duvall, our Way to Go Woman winner in the Entrepreneurial category, is helping seniors live a better life.  Alee Solutions, a company she opened in 2015, focuses on finding aging-in-place living options for seniors. She hopes to use her company as a way of inspiring more women to become involved in issues that impact the senior community.

“There are other options out there. Having a loved one who is struggling to live independently impacts the whole family. There is an untold value to having a personal expert by your side while you navigate the waters of healthcare.”

“I found myself becoming more aggressive and competitive than ever before. I was fighting for equality alongside some of the male-led national competitors when negotiating contracts. I struggled with feeling that female small business owners get underestimated and undervalued. It wasn’t six months in when I took a hard look at who I was becoming. I turned back into myself and dropped the stereotypical male attitude toward business.”

“Overcoming the ‘what ifs’ is my greatest accomplishment. Fear can be crippling. I thought of all the hundreds of ways starting my own company could go wrong, but instead of allowing them to hold me down, I used them as a path to succeed.”

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Photo by Melissa Donald