By Emily Gahafer

Patty Browning is a wife, mother, dog lover, and Louisville’s very own fashionista.

“I’m usually running a taxi service between tennis courts and swimming pools,” she says.

This special-education-teacher-turned-businesswoman-and-stylist has worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years. Today she is the district sales manager for Carlisle Collection, a private, luxury clothing label based in New York and sold exclusively through stylists and trunk shows.

She has a passion for helping women look and feel great, emphasizing the importance of feeling comfortable and confident in the clothing they choose.

Patty is wearing one of many coats she owns along with these boots that she also has in black.
Photos by Melissa Donald 

“I think everyone should have kind of a signature look…and that’s what you’re comfortable in,” Patty says. “Women should dress more for experiences than what they think they should look like…that’s what I tell my clients. You might like certain things and that’s fine, but if you buy it and you’re not comfortable in it, it’s just going to sit in your closet.”

Patty keeps her look chic and simple, but still emphasizes the importance of looking put together with a signature phrase to match.

“I do think women should try and dress up a bit,” she says. I tell women, ‘Stop dressing like you have the flu.’ Just kind of try to clean up a bit.”

The seven things Patty cannot live without are essentials to her daily routine. Fashion staples, her signature drink, and her go-to hairstyle are all things she is known for by her friends and family.

Tom Ford Sunglasses
They serve as sunglasses, a headband, and a fashion statement. “They’re huge. People always comment on them because they’re probably almost as big as my face, but I really like them,” Patty says. She says other stylists would probably say they are all wrong for her face, but “they’re just me. I like everything big even though I’m petite.”

Pearl Earrings
A nod to Coco Chanel, Patty rarely leaves the house without her pearl earrings. “I feel underdressed if I don’t wear them,” she says. “Even if I’m playing tennis, no matter what I’m wearing, I have my pearls on. I feel naked without them.”

Chick-fil-A Diet Lemonade
Not willing to drop her daily allotment of calories on the real thing, Patty fell in love with Chick-fil-A diet lemonade a few years ago. “Lots of times I’ll have friends or clients show up at my door with one,” she says. “It’s a known thing, and I know exactly how much it costs. I drink one a day, sometimes two. ”

Her Ponytail or Messy Bun
Patty describes her style as effortlessly chic, and that translates into all aspects of her look, including her hair.
“Whoever invented the messy bun is my best friend,” she says. “I could kiss her on the mouth. She’s my favorite. “I’m very simple so I don’t like to stand out. You’ll never see me with a lot of makeup or a hairdo, but I’m very vocal and I think my mouth stands out, so I don’t like my clothes or anything to stand out,” she says with a laugh. “I always, always have a good blow out and then I’ll ruin it with a ponytail. It’s just a comfort thing.”

White Jeans
Patty is a huge advocate of white jeans for all four seasons. While some people would never wear them year-round, she feels that their simplicity is universal.
“I think you can wear them with booties, heels, sandals, anything,” she says. “I think every woman should wear white jeans no matter when, where, what season.”
Recently, she has been loving Mother brand jeans in “the looker” style, saying they fit great and will last forever.

Patty has a wide range of coats for every season. 

A Good Coat
“(My husband) names my coats by the month,” Patty says. “He’s like, ‘Oh, is that April’s coat? I see you’re wearing March’s coat.’ … I think if you have on a good coat, it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing underneath.”

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Lucky for Patty, hers serves a purpose in her career and leisure time. “I don’t like Pinterest. I think it’s just a rabbit hole I don’t wanna go down,” she says. “With Instagram you ‘like’ it and it shows up in your inbox five minutes later. I love that!” She uses Instagram to show clients examples of clothing and provide accounts for them to follow for outfit inspiration.