By Keri Foy

Maggie Kapp sets herself apart with fashion.

Maggie Kapp’s work environment used to be tiny desks, white boards, and crayons. Even as a former first grade teacher, Maggie’s style often drew attention. Now, as a pharmaceutical rep selling prenatal vitamins, Maggie still uses her flair for fashion to make interactions with doctors memorable.

“As a pharmaceutical sales rep, there are lots of us out there. I think it’s important that my doctors remember who I am,” says Maggie. “You have to have confidence in what you’re wearing.”

Magenta is a must
Maggie is a fan of color. One of her favorite places to infuse color is right on the smacker. “It makes my teeth pop,” says Maggie. She admits she couldn’t live without her Fruitylicious shade of CoverGirl Colorlicious Gloss. (Because of Maggie’s endorsement and an appealing price point, this writer now owns her own tube. I give the product kudos, too).

Maggie chooses jewelry that makes a statement. “This piece of jewelry has a hint of red that accents the red dress but also has the bold blue which pops off the dress as well as the yellow blazer,” she says.
Photos by Sunni Wigginton 

In addition to lipstick, Maggie always puts on a full face: MAC foundation, blush, Clinique eyeshadow, and eyeliner.

Pants prohibition and what to ask yourself before you leave
While Maggie cites no real reason for her distaste for pants on the job, she readily delves into her thought process on building an unforgettable outfit. “Every morning when I put on my clothes, I ask myself if I’m calm and comfortable so I can best present my materials,” says Maggie. “I want to look chic and sophisticated for work.”

She wears a skirt suit or dress to work and isn’t loyal to any one brand or store. You can find her shopping at Target or Von Maur with a little J.C. Penney in between. She finds necklaces at local boutiques such as Work the Metal and Chartreuse. Maggie also shops for scarves at

No matter the pairings, Maggie searches for a way to stand out through a colorful blouse, scarf, watch, briefcase, or statement necklace. “I find individuality through statement pieces,” says Maggie. “They make your wardrobe look different than anyone else’s.”

Her surprising choice in shoes and coats for all occasions
Maggie has to account for the weather in her wardrobe choices because she is in and out of buildings all day. “At any one time, there will be four coats in my car,” says Maggie. When it’s cold outside, she often trades a heavier coat in the morning for a lightweight coat in the afternoon. “Our job is always being dressed to the nines,” says Maggie.

While Maggie seems like the high-heel type of gal, for work you’ll find her in kitten heels, boots, or booties. “I’m in and out of the car and on my feet a lot,” she says. “I always want to wear comfortable shoes.”

Maggie’s advice
“It’s all about how you rock your own style. Real style is never right or wrong — it’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.”

How would define your style? What is one clothing item you must always have in your work wardrobe?