By Brigid Morrissey

Ambling about the grounds of French Lick Resort, I reflected on the importance and meaning of rest. On this misty, gray morning I wasn’t the only one. Families hustled through the lobby, lugging their bags and sipping coffee on their way to the car. Groups of friends gathered around the ornamental tables and squishy couches recounting the events of the previous night. Couples lounged near the cafe to eat their late morning breakfast. Numerous reasons brought each guest there, but there was a constant undercurrent behind those reasons: escape.
“I joined a Bible study at work,” says Erin Allen. “I found out through my boss, who’s pretty spiritual, that they do a lunchtime Bible study and she invited me to it. It was great for me because we can’t really go to church because our kids wouldn’t go to the Sunday school, and when we bring them in to the main room with us it’s hard to pay attention. This just gives me a weekly time to devote to church.”

“I ended up joining the campus gym (at IU Bloomington) even though it’s an hour from my house. Lunchtime is the only time I can work out. I think working out in the middle of the day helps me stay focused at work and puts me in a better mood the rest of the day.”

“I got an Instapot for Christmas. It’s a timesaver for cooking. I’ve been meal prepping.”

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