“I was able to help with bringing Simmons College of Kentucky back to the negotiation table to acquire a property that was the original Central High School and the first African-American public school in Kentucky.”

She’s Helping People Make Money

Brigitte Owens shows clients how they can gain financial empowerment.

SPONSORED BY PRG COMMERCIAL PROPERTY ADVISOR | 1757 Frankfort Avenue, Suite 102, Louisville, KY 40206 | (502) 387-1957 | brigitte@prgproperty.com | By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Mary Helen Nunn

Brigitte Owens is an associate at PRG Commercial Property Advisors, but her first career was as an educator, serving as principal at Stopher Elementary School. When she retired and considered what she wanted her second profession to be, she thought real estate was a good fit because she was already a seasoned investor in commercial real estate. However, at first, she thought she would focus on residential sales. “My mentor at PRG, Jenny Johnston, said,‘Why are you thinking about that if most of the things you own are commercial?’” Brigitte says. 

This question helped Brigitte recognize an unexplored opportunity as an African American woman in a dedicated commercial real estate firm. In fact, she is the only such individual in Louisville, which gives her a unique role to serve others. “I want to bring everybody to the table,” she says. “When I thought about investing, I only thought about rental houses or duplexes. That was as far as my knowledge went. I think a lot of people think that way as well.”

She calls on her background as an educator to explain to potential clients that they don’t have to invest millions of dollars to be a commercial real estate owner. Because PRG deals with all asset classes, including office space, retail, industrial and multi-family, Brigitte explains the myriad ways her clients can generate income and invest in a way that meets their needs. 

One of her first deals at PRG made her especially proud and allowed her to use her interpersonal skills honed in education to make it happen. “I was able to help with bringing Simmons College of Kentucky back to the table as they were acquiring a property that was the first African American school for kids,” she says. “To be able to do that in my first transaction has been so gratifying.”


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