Brook Vernon, Jamie Pylon, Jenny Kline and Tracy Geller. 

Need to see what people actually wear to the track?

Here are some pictures from last year:

Tony and Joanna Easley Photos by Melissa Donald 

Jessica Stavros 

Tara Fortner 

(l-r) Wendy Schiffano, Maggie Scales, and Cheryl Case Scales

Bryn Turner 

(l-r) Tyler Stewart, Nathan Shanks, and Greg Mayes 

Tricia Ruckman 

Amy Faust 

Katherine Mitchell

Brandi Lee and Ginger Waldron 

Sarah Wright 

Sarah Hulti and Christie Kreimborg 

Kassey Leitterman, Holly Dillon, Kate Montiero 

(l-r) Kimberly Adams, Ashley Greene, Allyson Moore, and Abby Johnson.