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Living the Glamorous Life: The former pharmacy tech switched careers and is happily booked and busy as a popular makeup artist.

Written by Shirelle Williams | Photographed by Kylene White

Jasmine Douglas worked as a pharmacy technician for over six years before becoming a makeup artist. The graduate of the pharmacy magnet program at Louisville Central High laughs and says “makeup was not in the cards at all.” But the beauty and makeup hobbyist still saved her money for the remote possibility that one day she would be able to make her passion a career. After pooling their resources, in 2021 Jasmine and her friends Leta Martin and LaToya Britton, self-funded and opened Vier Beauty Lounge.  

Located on 3rd Street in South Louisville, while the location may not be what some may consider as a prime spot, for Jasmine and her partners, the site is actually ideal. “Most salons and spas are on the other side of I-65 — in East Louisville or Downtown,” Jasmine says. “We felt like this was an underserved population of people.”  

Reaching a diverse and often neglected clientele is an integral part of Vier’s business strategy. Having a desire to service women of all races, she and her partners have been mindful to hire bilingual employees, and continue to seek women of various ethnicities to fulfill this mission, “We want to be very inclusive with who we serve so we can reach a broader population,” Jasmine says. “There’s a lot of people who are not from the United States and live in this area. We want to make sure the salon feels comfortable for everybody.”  

Detail image for Ladies Who Launch, December 2022 story.

A relaxed, welcoming environment isn’t the only thing Jasmine and her partners offer. Vier Beauty Lounge is intentionally setting itself apart from other salons and spas with innovation. Keen on servicing the whole woman, Jasmine and her co-owners have added DIY makeup and nail application classes for their clientele. “With these classes you get a full kit of makeup, or you can bring in what you have, and we can review those products. What I’m going to do is literally walk you through the entire process, beginning to end of how to apply your makeup correctly,” Jasmine says. 

For women who are overwhelmed with the makeup process altogether, there is a shopping trip option where Jasmine will meet you at either Ulta Beauty or Sephora, and she will assist you in making your purchases tailored to your needs and desires.  

Jasmine’s expertise with makeup has kept her phone ringing not only at the salon but as a make-up artist for hire. She’s become a fan favorite for dance and cheerleading teams, brides, entrepreneurs, and she’s even worked on a Today’s Woman photoshoot. Jasmine says it’s the instant gratification from her clients that inspires and lets her know she’s pursuing her purpose. “I like being able to play a part in enhancing our clients, not only their outward appearance, but the way that they feel on the inside about themselves.”    

Despite Vier Beauty Lounge facing adversities due to shut downs, delays, and renovations all due to COVID, Jasmine admits it wasn’t ideal to open a business during a pandemic, but it has paid off. The response from the community has also been extremely favorable. This past summer the business hosted its first makeup class for children, and were forced to open a second class after the first sold out within a week.“We’re really excited that people are willing to learn, because we love to educate. We’re excited about that,” Jasmine says.