A header image of Brittany Boone for the September 2022 Ladies Who Launch feature.

Brittany Boone’s ‘Noted’ is a style studio catering to women ages 25-65 who want to “enhance their personal image.”

Keeping it Casual, Chic & Classy: Brittany Boone’s big business move is adding something new and special to the local fashion scene.

Written by Megan M. Seckman | Photographed by Kylene White

In 2018, Brittany Boone got an entrepreneurial itch she just couldn’t scratch. After relocating to Louisville from Henderson, selling a successful event planning business she started there, and settling into steady work at the University of Louisville, her nose continued to sniff out plans for the next business venture.

There is no shortage of nose idioms from which to begin this article about Brittany’s launch of Noted–her brand-spanking-new styling studio located off Factory Lane in PeeWee Valley–because it was her nose that literally led Brittany along this entrepreneurial path. 

“I had an event planning business in 2015 and I sold it in 2018 for a decent profit. I didn’t know what I wanted next, so I just started with my passions: home decor, apparel, and gifts,” Brittany says about the seeds of her current business model. “I started making body care gift baskets with different notes of lavender or vanilla–that is where the brand name ‘Noted’ came from.” 

A detail image of Brittany Boone's 'Noted' store offerings for the Ladies Who Launch September 2022 feature.

But Brittany’s nose wasn’t having it. Within mere weeks of launching a body care brand and creating her logo, she learned she was pregnant–and she could no longer tolerate any strong scent. “I could not handle any smells, so I went back to apparel. It was a blessing in disguise, really.”  

I suppose, “just under her nose?”  

By March of 2019, Brittany was ready to launch her business online with hopes for a brick-and-mortar down the pike. She hosted various pop-ups (including a 3-month stint in Oxmoor Mall), but COVID kept her dreams of a storefront at bay. Again, even the pandemic was a “blessing in disguise” as it gave her time to refine her business model and pursue avenues for capital. Brittany said she always strived to be debt-free in business, but capital is what she needed to propel the business forward. “I started this business on a credit card, I got a PPP loan, a grant from the city, but getting a loan has been the biggest hurdle. I realized I had to ask for help–and I learned that the people with the resources aren’t always the ones willing to help.” 

Noted is a style studio catering to women ages 25-65 that want to “enhance their personal image.” Brittany, a personal stylist, says she “helps women get exposed to their truest selves through the vehicle of clothing and find their personal brand.” Customers can come to Noted in need of styling advice for an event, party, or an upcoming vacation and she will become their personal shopper, selecting clothing from her boutique’s “casual, chic, and classy” line. The styling services are free of charge, but Brittany also hopes to soon build in closet-detox services where clients hire Brittany as a consultant to declutter and simplify their wardrobes. Brittany says she hosted “shop parties” in college where friends would bring their cast-offs to a party, mingle, and swap wares. She would like to work this concept into another revenue stream for Noted. 

But until then, this 31-year-old mother of two is focused on getting the doors open. And yes, her nose will now be to the proverbial grindstone helping us to inspire our look so that we feel our personal best.