By Keri Foy 

Hey, ladies! Want to turn into a bourbon “badass” in time for the season of Mint Juleps? Find out what this “whiskey chick” does to stay in the mix of everything bourbon.

Leading up to Derby, this business woman, entrepreneur, and bourbon lover is busy researching bourbon-focused cocktails and recipes. Linda Ruffenach is founder of Whisky Chicks, an organization that brings together people with a passion for whiskey and author of the new book, How to be a Bourbon Badass.

Following? Linda follows several of bourbon-industry-related organizations and people including Mike Veach, A Lil’ Dab of Bourbon (Chrissy Martin) on Instagram, and the different distilleries. “There’s a lot of good juice being made all over the U.S.,” Linda says. “There is craft, artistry, and science that goes into making bourbon. It’s a collaborative industry. These are genuine people with relationships and friendships.”

Listening to? When it comes to podcasts, Linda’s back to bourbon – listening to The Bourbon Daily on the ABV network and The Bourbon Show. “They talk about different things going on in the marketplace,” Linda says.

Photo by Sunni Wigginton