Lenae Price is married to Jordan price, and has a daughter, Billie age 4. 

Way to Go Woman! Winner Lenae Price is the director of Philanthropy & Outreach at the Jewish Community of Louisville.

Lenae and her husband moved from New York City to Louisville to work for a nonprofit, which didn’t work out, but they decided to stay in Louisville. “With no support system and our first child on the way, we were in an incredibly difficult situation,” she says.

“However, we didn’t let that stop us from making the best of our new life in Louisville. Jordan began performing in shows at CenterStage and before we knew it, we’d become part of the CenterStage Family. CenterStage is the theatre department at the Jewish Community Center (JCC). Artistic Director John R. Leffert and I began brainstorming ways to take the program to the next level. He lobbied the JCC leadership to create a position for me and we made it official in August 2012.

“In our first two years, CenterStage’s subscriber base tripled and our development program increased contributed revenue by over 1,000 percent. I found professional and personal success and happiness in more than the numbers. The JCC’s encouraging, supportive, and collaborative environment provided just what I needed to grow as a partner, leader, and community member.

“I’ve recently been promoted to JCC Philanthropy & Outreach Director. I couldn’t be more proud of the work we do here at the Jewish Community Center of Louisville.”