By Lucy M. Pritchett

Since childhood Jasmine Ivy has had the heart of an entrepreneur.

“My mom was an artist, and her friends would come over, and I would try and sell them one of her pieces. ‘Would you like to buy this for $5?’ Of course they always said yes, and then my mom would buy it back from them.”

Jasmine, who has a 16-year background in business marketing and sales, has been a reporter, worked for a publishing house, a hospitality furniture company, a jeweler, and for various CEOs in Silicon Valley. “But I’ve always had a side hustle. I was always looking for the next business to start.”

Originally from Southern Indiana, Jasmine moved to San Diego after college and took a traditional job along with starting a writing consulting business that turned into a coaching job. After four years in San Diego she moved to Portland, Oregon.

Jasmine is helping women overcome the fears that are preventing them from achieving their goals.
Photos by Patti Hartog

“I was working for a jeweler and started my own jewelry company on the side,” she says. “The jewelry I designed carried inspirational messages for women stamped on necklaces or bracelets.

“What lit me up was empowering women. Words have so much power. That’s when it clicked that reminding women of what they can do or what they can be was important to me.”

Jasmine began studying the Law of Attraction — the belief that you take responsibility for your life and your thoughts and with that comes possibility.

“It was just a personal development interest at first, but it made sense in a way ‘common sense’ didn’t. It appealed to me, and I began to find solace in studying this philosophy.

“I started learning more and more. I took an online certification class. The more I studied the more I started to understand. I came to see that whatever wasn’t serving me I could change to something that would serve me.”

Jasmine had been working in a marketing capacity in Silicon Valley for different companies and traveling once a month from Portland — an hour flight each way. She would spend a week in Silicon Valley and the rest of the month she could work from home.

“It seemed like it would be perfect, but it was so emotionally hard and stressful. I was married and we had a young son. Being away from him wasn’t what I wanted to do.

“I was chasing money but still only making ends meet with the high cost of living where we lived. I saw that we hadn’t been thriving financially so decided to do what I really wanted to do.”

Cue: Jasmine’s Turning Point

“In January 2017, I combined my business background with the principles of Law of Attraction and I started as a business coach focusing on women entrepreneurs. I wanted to support women and build a business that would serve them. Now I am able to help women discover how fear is stopping them from reaching their goals and step into their own power to create a life of abundance.”

In August, Jasmine and husband Ryan and their 2-year-old son Elliott moved to Louisville, where she continues to inspire and counsel women. “I grew up near Bloomington, and Ryan is from Indianapolis, so it made sense to move back to this area. We wanted our son to be closer to our families.”

As a small business mentor and abundance coach for women, Jasmine offers online courses, Women of Woo retreats, and a Facebook group. Check out her website and download her free High Vibe Guide: A workbook for wildly passionate women who feel stuck.

“The women I have worked with have completely changed their lives and are doing what they want to,” Jasmine says. “I am proof that when you change the way you see your life, your life changes.”

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