By Bella Portaro-Kueber 

Generous, giving, and humble…

These apply, but there are various words to describe Johnna Kelly and her impact on various animal nonprofits in Louisville. From Metro Animal Services to The Animal Care Society, Johnna does what she can, when she can, and does it with passion.

“I believe my love for animals started when I was a little girl,” says Johnna, an area sales manager for Waterford crystal. “I would bring home any animal I could. In my parents’ house we had cats, dogs, and fish. At my grandparents’ house it was all of the above, and they had a pony and chicken. Having the exposure to them has created a space in my heart that fuels my desires to help as many animals to be placed into loving homes as I can. I started volunteering in the early ’90s and have fostered so many litters I can’t keep track.”

Johnna is devoting her time to helping homeless animals find a home. Photos by Aubrey Hillis 

Fostering animals allows them to be nurtured back to full health till a forever home is able to take them in. “Every cat and dog that gets to go into a foster home, impacts the number of pets euthanized each year,” Johnna says. “I’ll be honest with you and say that I never have a bad day when I have come home to my foster kitties. They brighten every day so beautifully.

“I believe my path led me to volunteer with Animal Care Society because it is a no-kill shelter,” she says. “As a board member and event co-chair, I feel connected to the community as I’m helping the animals that bring so much joy to the lives of others when they’re adopted. On a side note: I adopted my cat Dylan from ACS in 1991 and he will always hold a special place in my heart as will ACS for rescuing him.”