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A sense of personal connection and some really great cheese is what Harvey’s Cheese Shop brings to the table. Husband and wife owners Brent Mills and Ashley Urjil-Mills are thrilled to offer Louisville the best local, regional, and domestic artisanal cheeses. Louisville’s first stand-alone, cut-to-order, specialty cheese shop, Harvey’s is located in the Logan Street Market, so let the drooling commence. 

Named after the couple’s young son, Harvey’s Cheese Shop provides a genuine one-on-one experience centered around cheese and other Kentucky specialties such as country ham and local preserves. “What excites me about this whole venture is getting to share the cheese makers’ and farmers’ stories with the people that come into the shop,” Ashley says. 

Traveling to different farms to connect with farmers and their products is one way this couple’s hands-on approach is making their shop unique. “We’re trying to focus on things that you wouldn’t see in a big grocery store chain,” Brent says. His love of cheese began with his family in Australia, where they’d occasionally skip dinner and indulge in a cheese plate instead. This is where Ashley and he met while she was studying abroad. 

After a friend suggested they check out Louisville, Ashley attained her master’s degree in social work at the University of Louisville, and Brent pursued a degree in culinary arts at Sullivan University. The couple moved away while Brent worked in restaurants all over the country, but after having their son, both decided to move back and make Louisville their home. “Louisville is cool, and it doesn’t even try to be,” Brent says. In fact, Louisville is so cool that Ashley’s parents moved here in order to create a more supportive family unit. 

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Adding to Louisville’s already flourishing food scene is the idea of a shop that supports their love of food and community. “I feel like having a space where people can connect, and serving a product that people can connect over, can contribute to our community,” Ashley says. This building of community through connection is an idea that Brent fully supports. “We want our store to be approachable, sharing foods we think are awesome,” he adds. 

Their inclusive vision for success fits right in with Logan Street Market’s goal of maintaining a space for all residents to come together over locally grown food. “I wanted to be a part of Logan Street because it’s a gathering place that brings people of all ages together,” Brent says. 

With special events that include educational classes and cheese pairings, Harvey’s Cheese Shop is interested in making a conscious connection with Louisville food lovers. “I have an appetite for doing new things with food. These are things that I’m excited about,” Brent says. And without a hint of cheesiness, Ashley adds, “The whole idea of a cheese plate is something that people enjoy together,” and creating a shop which fosters this tradition is what they’re setting out to do.

P.S.  We have the recipe you need for easy cheese and veggie boards.

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Ashley Urjil-Mills and Brent Mills decided to move back and make Louisville home and start a business.

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