By Lucy M. Pritchett

“Luxury shouldn’t cost a fortune.”

Although many entrepreneurs start a business from their basement or garage, Matt Multerer took his idea to another level. He founded Finespun Clothing from a bedroom on the second floor of his house in Louisville.

After working for years in the financial industry with its de rigueur conservative Navy Blue Jackets, Matt felt it was time to develop his own fashion business for the discerning man. In April 2016, he founded Finespun Clothing, an online shop featuring men’s business casual wear.

“When I worked in New York, I saw very high-end bespoke men’s fashions at shops on 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue all the way to the off-the-rack clothing from the big box stores,” Matt says. “There seemed to be a big gap in price and quality for men, and I wanted to explore the direct-to-consumer concept.

“I’m the type of guy who embraced pocket squares; I wanted to stand out just a little more. I was always on the lookout for something versatile and bold in fabrics. I decided to bring my ideas of cool colors, quality, construction, and fabrics together and start a small line of sport coats. Since I don’t have a brick-and-mortar store I don’t have those additional costs. I work directly with the factory and deliver a better product at a lower price. It’s really more of taking a custom approach to ready-to-wear.”

Matt launched Finespun Clothing with a small batch of sport coats: The Prospect, The Fox, The Audubon, and a few others. This fall he is adding heavier weight fabrics with more texture. He has partnered with local artisans: one provides hand-rolled, hand-sewn pocket squares, another designs cufflinks based on vintage bourbon bottle labels from the ’50s and ’60s. He is also working with a multi-generational tailor out of New York City who imports silk from England and Italy and fashions hand-sewn ties.

“The way I choose the fabrics and products and details is by thinking about what a man needs to wear in a professional setting but wants to stand out a little bit from the crowd.”

It’s not surprising, then, that fashion items are What Works for Matt.

Finespun Clothing’s The Gillespie blazer

Photos by Patti Hartog

This is my do-everything blazer. It is a fresh take on the navy blazer in a summer shade of blue with texture you can both see and touch. It’s very versatile and I can wear it with jeans or pair it with a tie and dress pants. The Gillespie is the right item to take you from day to night. It’s made of 100 percent wool from the Guabello fabric mill in Italy.

NATO Watch Straps

I must have six of these watch straps. They come in all sorts of colors. They make it easy to add personality to an everyday outfit. I wear it on my basic Timex from Target, but you can also pair one with the Omega James Bond Spectre watch, which runs $5,900 and comes with its own gray NATO band.

Colorful Socks

Colorful socks are another way to show a bit of personality. I usually buy them from Happy Socks or The Tie Bar. I have socks in navy with yellow polka dots, a green and grey argyle plaid, and navy with light blue and orange chevron stripes. For me, the more stripes the better.

Matt’s gift ideas for the man in your life:
The Carry On bag by Away: Lightweight and durable, this comes with its own removable laundry bag, built in combination lock, and USB charging station. ($225)

Lumi customized stamp ($20) or paper embosser ($75): Design your own stamp or embosser using your monogram or company logo. The wooden stamp comes with its own ink pad.

Joey Roth ceramic speakers: Great sound paired with great design. These bookcase or desk speakers come with amplifier ($550). Rock on.

What gifts will you be buying for the men in your life? Let’s share ideas!