By Keri Foy

Amanda suggests replacing older holiday decor with newer items for an updated look.
Photos by Melissa Donald 

Amanda Book at Madhouse in New Albany believes a beautiful home is more than what lines the shelves. It’s about weaving layers together that quell the chaos in your life.
Amanda has great advice for women who want that festive feel during the holiday season without spending two weekends redecorating their home.

1. Buy a candle. Amanda’s favorite candles during the holidays are Thymes Frasier Fir and Thymes Gingerbread Cookie.

2. Declutter. If you haven’t put a certain Christmas decoration out in three years, get rid of it. Or, if you don’t like your Christmas decorations, donate them. “Sometimes less is more,” Amanda says.

3. Take advantage of stores and boutiques that gift wrap for you. It will save you time and the packaging looks cute under your tree.

4. Make your entryway beautiful. Throw away that wreath you’ve had for five years and get a new one to refresh your space.

5. Get out the china. Set your tables. “It will make you feel accomplished just using it,” Amanda says. “Plus, it’s pretty.”

Amanda decorates a tree for one of her clients using a combination of real and faux greenery.

Lastly, most people rearrange furniture and remove year-round decorations to accommodate their Christmas tree. If you like it better without that stuff, leave it bare. “I’m all about getting rid of stuff,” Amanda says.