“I pulled up my ‘Pink’ big girl panties and began to do what I needed to do to fight this.” 

Name: Tamela R. Cooke
Age: 52
Job: Human Resources, Employee Relations Specialist at Correct Care Solutions
Diagnosis: Invasive ductile carcinoma. Stage 1 found January 4, 2016
Treatment: Lumpectomy and radiation treatment
Advice: Don’t let it define who you are! Of course, you have to make lifestyle changes. Live, laugh and love yourself and the people around you!

Best Thing Someone Did For Her During Her Battle: My daughter wrote me the most endearing note. She is my only child. We both got through this! I will forever keep that note as a reminder of how strong I can forever be.

Changes I Made: I started eating right. Which in return helped me lose weight! I begin reading up on things that I needed to remove from my daily food intake that may increase the chances of me getting cancer again.

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Photo by Melissa Donald