“A verse of scripture that helped me: ‘Whatever state I am in I have learned to be content.'” 

Name: Sarah Leffler
Age: 80
Job: Retired
Diagnosis: Stage one cancer deep within the breast, June 2004
Advice You Would Give To Newly Diagnosed Women: I advise they rely on their on their faith, and my surgeon told me that I got a long so well because of a good attitude.
How She Dealt With Negative Thoughts: I simply prayed about it, and I had a good friend that had already gone through prostate cancer surgery and he was able to walk me down the road of positivity to handle the situation to keep my faith stronger. I recommend not holding in your feelings, sharing my own was a relief and lessened the burden of the battle.

Advice Sarah Would Give To People With Loved Ones Battling Breast Cancer:  I suggest they don’t treat them any differently. Be supportive, but don’t overdo the sympathy. Try to keep everything as normal as possible.

Best Thing Someone Did For Her During Her Battle: I had a friend that had gone through breast cancer and stayed in close contact and walked with me through it. She let me know what to expect, and worked with me through exercises. She was there for me if I needed to talk, she was there to listen and helped me by understanding what to expect.

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Photo by Melissa Donald