“Cancer makes you feel like your entire life has been out of control.” 

Name: Michelle Anderson
Age: 42
Job: Registered Nurse at The Brook Hospital – Dupont
Diagnosis: Stage 2 breast cancer due to four lymph nodes removed
How She Found Out: First mammogram, February 22, 2017
Treatments: Chemo since May 1, 2017
How She Deals With Negative Thoughts: I have a coloring book with swear words in it that calms me down.
How She Copes With Stress/Fear: Stress and fear come together: Fear of what I would look like after the surgery. Fear of my identity based on the standards placed on women in today’s society. I am choosing to have a hysterectomy to eliminate risks of more cancer.

Advice Michelle Would Give To People With Loved Ones Battling Breast Cancer: Ask the patient about simple things. Do you need help with the groceries, kids, laundry? Breast cancer is a huge problem financially. Cancer makes you feel like your entire life has been out of control.

Best Thing Someone Did For Her During Her Battle: Whether it’s going out to eat or taking a walk in the park, it’s when someone comes and helps you take your mind off the battle you’re going through.

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Photo by Melissa Donald