“I try to stay lighthearted with everything and have humor throughout everything.” 

Name: Michele Welscher
Age: 52
Job: Auditor for Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP
Diagnosis: Breast cancer stage 0
How She Found Out: Detected in routine mammogram yearly, May 2017
Treatments: Bilateral mastectomy, due to also living with cystic fibrosis. I was already on a specialized diet.
Best Thing Someone Did For Me: This is a tie between my neighbor who hired a housekeeper to help me, and my boss being fantastic about schedule flexibility.

How I Dealt With Negative Thoughts: I concentrated on the positives of catching the disease early, along with having a great support system and keeping my outlook cancer free. I also have been able to laugh through it all and keep myself lighthearted. I try to stay lighthearted with everything and have humor throughout everything.

Advice For Those Newly Diagnosed: Surround yourselves with support groups and know your body.

Michele’s Biggest Challenge: I’m trying not to focus on scary information for either disease and remind myself that the bad stuff I hear about in other women’s stories may not always happen to me. I’ve reached the age of 52 with cystic fibrosis, and 54% lung capacity, so I must be doing something right.

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Photo by Melissa Donald