“The light switch to everything I fear switched off when enduring this.”

Name: Debra Adams
Age: 46
Job: Instructor for Red Cross
Diagnosis: DCIS carcinoma in-situ. I had gone to a general physician, they took blood happened to do a breast exam, looking at the two lumps I had since I was 12. The results of a biopsy came back positive, February 2016
Advice Debra Would Give To People With Loved Ones Battling Breast Cancer: Talk to them and be honest. Don’t run away or be afraid to ask questions. It’s better to go through horrible things with friends who can laugh with you, take you out to dinner, help with chores or sit and watch TV with.

Advice For Other Women
: Get every screening you can. Transgender women and men who are pretending they don’t have estrogen all need to face the facts and get exams. There is no need to run from cancer because the sooner you begin the battle to sooner you can win the war.Live, even if your diagnosis is what will end your life, take the time you have to do everything you have to live.

Best Thing Someone Did For Her During Her Battle:  So many people were so kind, the best thing was that people still treated me like I was myself. We could still go out to dinner and parties. People continued to help me live! I think the hardest part was telling my mom. Telling her that I could potentially die before her, broke my heart. But after telling her, my mother joined me in going to every appointment at Dr. Barry’s.

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Photo by Melissa Donald