By Ashli Findley

We checked in with some talented beauty professionals around Kentuckiana to get their insight on the best beauty treatments for your Derby look. Get ready to expose your best self.

For winning hair
When it comes to keeping a shine on your hair, Stefanie Griffith, co-owner of Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique in New Albany, is quick to mention the Brilliance product line.

Natalie Brown in a Kenzie Kapp hat, $350. Photo by Melissa Donald 

“That will completely add a lot of shine and protect your hair, too,” she says.

For overuse of heating products like flat irons and blow dryers, Stefanie recommends deep conditioning treatments to add extra moisture into the hair. Colorless treatments — treatments that look like a clear gloss — may also work wonders.

To keep your hairstyle in place, Stefanie says there are lots of options depending on what type of hair the client has — coarse or fine, naturally curly or straight. For some, creams may do the job. For others, a spray may work best.

“You really have to customize that,” she says.

For glowing skin
Whether you can afford to pay for regular facial treatments or you prefer to stick to at-home remedies, Denise Dixon, owner of Dedi’s Beauty Secrets, says, “A good cleanser comes first for healthy glowing skin. Second, a good moisturizer for your particular concerns.”

“Thoroughly cleanse and moisturize every day and night,” she says. “Regardless if it’s Oil of Aloe or Neutrogena, simply cleansing and moisturizing will do wonders.”

For those who want additional rewards, a third step can be either light resurfacing or using a chemical peel on a regular basis. The resurfacing is a laser technique that uses a light beam to treat skin issues; a chemical peel is used to remove old skin so that new layers can grow in its place.

“If you do those things, you’ll have healthy, soft, natural-looking skin that is conditioned to thoroughly absorb the products you use so the products can do what they actually claim they can do,” Denise says.

For colorful toes
Denise Cardwell, licensed cosmetologist and owner of Image Works Studio, says “versions of red” make the best pedicure colors and polish fittings for all skin tones. “Some reds tend to be warmer, and some reds tend to be cooler. It goes with any skin tone,” Denise says. Denise also likes red because she says it goes with any type of clothing.

For the softest hands
To keep your hands looking flawless, Stefanie Griffith, owner of Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique, says, “We love doing the paraffin dip!”

Brooke Wheatley, photographed by Chet White

The treatment, which involves placing the hands in hot wax for a period of time, leaves skin as soft as a baby’s bottom. Particularly during the wintertime when skin easily dries out, the hot wax helps to add moisture back in. Stefanie’s crew takes an extra step by adding essential oils to the hot wax.

Stefanie speaks highly of the treatment, which has also helped people with arthritis. Stefanie’s husband even enjoys the treatments. “He works at Ford and does a lot of work with his hands,” she says. Stefanie says he often asks when will be the next time she’ll bring the treatment home for him to use.

In addition to hot wax treatments and hand lotions, Stefanie recommends getting a manicure on a regular basis. For people with acrylic nails, this often means every two to three weeks.

“Manicures will help with the cuticles, making sure those are dry and pushed back,” she adds.

For smooth legs and face
For hair on the legs, in particular, Denise Searcy, laser technician and office manager at Ultimate Vein Care, says, “You can always use Nair or you can always shave or wax,” but she would recommend the lasting effects of laser hair removal.

Kaitlyn Streicher photographed by Melissa Donald 

Laser hair removal treatments initially include a lengthy process. Clients must be seen on a regular basis during the hair’s active growth phase, which could range anywhere from four to eight weeks depending on the area of the body receiving treatment. Individual treatment times also vary. Getting a laser treatment on your legs may take an hour, but treatment on the upper lip may be all of 10 minutes.

In total, six to 10 treatments are needed.

“The laser takes longer but, ultimately, I think it is better because it is lasting,” Denise says. “It is a process, for sure, but it works well if hair is dark.”

Denise advises that laser does not work on light hair colors and recommends waxing if laser is not a viable option.