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This bride was determined to enjoy her day by taking time to plan the details. Brooke Schroeder and Kevin Fleig married in a winter wedding with an evening ceremony including 180 guests at The Gillespie in downtown Louisville.

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Brooke’s advice? “It is so easy to get wrapped up in the little things and it’s not worth it,” she says. “There were little details that were different than what I planned but no one knew but me.” Brooke took about 18 months to plan the wedding, recommending that you take your time so you can make it the day you want it to be. Also, she learned to shop around. “Get quotes from multiple people. It felt awkward at first to be going to multiple companies and having to tell some of them no. But it ultimately is what is best for you all and your budget, she says. “Also don’t be afraid to tell people they are outside of your budget; sometimes they are willing to work with you and your budget.”

The Details

Ceremony Site The Gillespie, 421 W Market Street Reception Site Same as ceremony Photographer SSH photography LLC, Sarah Hester Planner Jenn Figel, Fit to be Tied Weddings & Events Dress Stella York 6268 Bridesmaids All are Morilee Tuxes Vera Wang Food Shack in the Back BBQ Cake Louisvillicious Flowers Schulz’s Florist Music (both ceremony and reception) Party Zone Productions Bride’s Ring Shane Co. Groom’s Ring Amazon Invitations Impressions Makeup Rachel Edwards Hair Erica Chapman, Jules K Studio Rehearsal Dinner The Old Spaghetti Factory.

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Walking up the aisle, seeing all my friends and family and then finally seeing Kevin’s face and knowing our moment was finally here.  

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The bridesmaids were able to choose the style dress they preferred but the bride says that all of them shopping together was slightly overwhelming.

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Bridesmaids Dresses: All are Morilee 

Why it worked: I let each of the girls pick their own dresses and it made it so much easier than trying to find a dress that would look flattering on all of them.

I would have changed: Not taking them all shopping at the same time. It was very overwhelming to me when all six of them were trying to get my attention to look at their dress.

Tuxes: Vera Wang         

Why it worked: Super easy to rent them from Men’s Warehouse and not have to buy another suit that my husband was never going to wear.

I would have changed: I would have told all the groomsmen to pick their suits up a week before the wedding. We had one groomsmen who didn’t get his tux until the 2 days before the wedding and he had the complete wrong color tie. Luckily they got the correct one to him the day of the wedding

Video:  We didn’t have one

I would have changed:  I wish I would have factored this into our budget because now I regret not having a video.

Food: Shack in the Back BBQ
Why it worked: Barbara is the best person to work with. She made it so easy and their prices are very reasonable.

I would have changed: nothing, it was delicious!

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Not making their honeymoon flight at 7am the next morning. They were completely exhausted and only got around 4 hours of sleep. 

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My granny passed away in April of 2018. It was very hard knowing that she would not be at my wedding. So I ordered a charm off of Etsy that was tied around my bouquet. Having that charm to remind me that she was still watching over me and dancing the night away with me meant so much. 

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The groom chose the bride’s rings by himself and for himself wanted a ring that couldn’t get damaged since he does manual labor.

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The couple had both the ceremony and the reception in the Grand Ballroom of the Gillespie, a former bank (see the photo with the original vault), with the guests moving to a balcony while the space was switched from ceremony to reception.

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