By Brigid Morrissey

“My body slows down and I can’t do as much as I used to be able to do. But one thing I started to do is take an introductory Tai Chi class.”

“I started to connect more with people of other faiths. I’m Jewish and pretty active in my Salaam network — a group of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim members of the community working together to increase understanding of the respective faiths. We did a workshop for women in the three faiths recently.”

“One of the things that I do is edit a series of textbooks called Advances in Gender Research. In each volume we do, we pick a new topic, so in that way I learn a lot about a new topic every time. The newest review is on Gender in the Media.”

“I’ve made changes to the way that I relate to the other people in my life because they’re changing. For example, my grandchildren aren’t babies anymore, so I have to adapt to them as teenagers. I have to change in the way I care for them, relate to them, buy gifts for them – that’s an emotional change in one’s life, I think.”

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