Local photographer Joe Hulsey realized that his wife, along with several other women he knew, seemed to have lost some of their identity when they became moms. He tells this story,

“Montra Hudson mentioned to me that she and some of her mom friends had talked about how they didn’t feel as beautiful, sexy, and independent as they once did. She said that while they loved being moms more than anything in the world, that it does often take away a lot from who you are as an individual.” After confirming these feelings with his wife, Mary Rose, Joe decided to use his photography skills to offer them a new look at themselves. He treated these moms to a day of pampering, which included a photo shoot, gift basket, and makeup session to celebrate their beauty. We asked each mother, “What is most special about motherhood?”

“Watching them grow into their own personalities.”
– Damu Hammond

“The unconditional love.”
– Amanda Ray

“I always say I was born to be a Mom.”
– Sara Albro

“Seeing the world through their eyes.”
– Emily Gentry

“Everything is so new and exciting, it makes me stop and appreciate the little things.”
– Jeri Payne

“Watch them grow, watch them learn, watch them believe, watch them love — Motherhood is the most grounding, bittersweet, and humbling experience.”
– Montra Hudson

“The happiness and joy he brings me everyday.”
– Taylor Brumett

“Hearing the sweet words, ‘Love you, Momma.’”
– Brittany Cooper

“All the ‘first’ memories.”
– Jenn Burton

“I really like my children: they are pretty awesome people. They make me laugh.”
– Stephanie R. Brown

“The funny stuff they say.”
– Stephanie Logsdon

“She made me a better person.”
– Jessica Springstube

“The unconditional love.”
– Kristen Rock

“Hearing them laugh.”
– Mary Rose Hulsey

“They always come back ready to love me — endlessly, and I, them.
– Theresa Coop