“If you do good work, your name gets passed around,” and other wisdom from a Louisville entrepreneur

By Carrie Vittitoe The typical client who seeks out Katie Bush and her team of designers isn’t your occasional gaming geek who creates a one-off app. Katie Bush Design’s clients are immersed in the technology ecosystem. Some of them are the engineers who create heavy tech, like self-driving cars that sense when a person is crossing the street or digital security systems that prevent technology breaches. Other KBD clients are venture capitalists who invest their money with these technology innovators. Prior to moving to Louisville in 2001, Katie Bush had worked in the San Francisco [...]

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Space of Dreams: They Will Come

By Lucy M. Pritchett Sometimes, with a little nudge, a good idea turns into a great idea.    After working as a stylist for 10 years in an open floor salon, Jasma Kinard felt the time had come to, as she says, “step beyond the chair” and open her own business. That was the good idea. The great idea came when Jasma looked at a small salon space for rent in the historic Heyburn Building at Fourth and Broadway and the manager showed her a much larger suite of offices that had housed a medical [...]

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Three Products This Stylist Swears By

By Lucy M. Pritchett It takes more than scissors and a shampoo cape to make a hairstylist. Kim Scannapieco, part owner of LeBliss Salon & Spa in St. Matthews, has been in the salon industry for 34 years. She originally worked in managerial and HR positions but 17 years ago decided to go to hair school and earn her place standing behind the salon chair. In addition to tending to her own clients, she also serves as trainer for apprentices and new employees. “I provide on-the-job training for the new person, who stands by me [...]

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As School Nurse, She Pays Attention to the Whole Child

By Lucy M. Pritchett Julie Collings discovered that being a school nurse involves much more than taking temperatures and dispensing bandages. Julie began her nursing career as a staff nurse working in transitional care with Norton Hospital and then went on to become an outpatient surgery pre-op nurse. That was when Julie’s mother, who works in student services for the New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation, suggested that she become a substitute school nurse. Julie jumped at the chance. “I was a single mom and was hoping to get my foot in the door [...]

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The Secret of a Perfect Espresso

By Lucy M. Pritchett Susan Conway admits to drinking multiple cups of coffee each day — and says she has for years — but until she became general manager of Fante’s Coffee, she never knew exactly what went into making a fine cup of java. Now she does. “I had a basic knowledge and we hired a few people who had some experience, but Leo Fante, the owner, taught us all. I had to learn how much pressure to use when you tamp the espresso grind into the portafilter. We pulled out a bathroom scale [...]

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Her Turning Point: Combining Her Professional and Personal Life

By Lucy M. Pritchett A promise that Anitra Durand Allen made to herself in college got lost in the ensuing years of her engineering career. Fortunately, a gentle reminder from her husband brought her to her turning point. Her promise? “I would pursue my engineering career until I was 35, and then I would stop and raise a family,” Anitra says. “At the time I was asked, ‘You don't want to do anything with your life? Why would you waste your gifts?’ I was good at math and science and heading toward my engineering degree [...]

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