By Bella Portaro Kueber

Anna photographed Louisville couple Kiya and Mark Stewart’s elopement in Oregon. 

Sparks fly when Anna May picks up her camera. A Kentuckiana-based portrait photographer who specializes in capturing love and beauty, she thrives in revealing the natural sparks between couples. She focuses on the positivity of life found within a smile or glimpse.

In 2012, Anna started working with another photographer. Anna helped clients feel more at ease during the session. That beginning grew into her starting her own company Anna May Photography.

Her photographs are beautiful and show the connections we’re able to have when love leads. “It’s captured in so many ways,” Anna says. “On the surface, it’s eye contact, laughter, gentle touches, holding hands, and so much more. Couples have different love languages, but those visual cues are typically where I find sparks.”

This maternity photo of Cat Hyle was taken at the Falls of Ohio State Park. 

Sparks — an effortless connection that we have for our spouse or partner or love interest— is the intangible idea hopeless romantics hang on to. But when the energy is right, Anna says that she can capture it from behind her lens.

Her work also includes this photo of Jason Hudson a California-based photographer. 

“I photographed a woman who had tears in her eyes during the shot after she spoke about losing her husband. This is another spark that we overlook; the spark that exists long after someone is gone. That beautiful woman inspired me to live a more honest and authentic life that ultimately impacts the images I capture. Sparks fly when we are vulnerable enough to let them.”