By Keri Foy

Louisville real estate agent Crystalyn Noland says her inspiration started at home.

It’s obvious Crystalyn Noland knows what she likes. Maybe she should change her last name to “Knowland.” Seriously, this busy real estate pro has a game plan when it comes to style. It’s all business (except the late-night, Matilda Jane “relaxation” clothing shopping for her 7-year-old daughter).

During our interview, we talked all the usual. Shopping habits and loves. Beauty products. Hair products. Then about 30 minutes into our conversation, Crystalyn got to the heart and soul of her style — her late mother.

Nicknamed Fancy Nancy in their Minnesota community, Crystalyn and her two sisters idolized their mother, who worked in an art gallery. How cool is that? “I have confidence in my [style] decisions because of my mom,” says Crystalyn. “She’s my fashion inspiration. She always looked put together and classy. She was a trendsetter.”

In 2012, Nancy Downey passed away from a rare form of lung cancer, leaving her coveted closet to her three daughters. The sisters divided it up and a third made its way to Crystalyn’s Louisville home. “When I go to a closing, I always have a piece of her jewelry on,” Crystalyn says. “She’s with me every day.”

Aside from her Vintage Wear
Crystalyn’s favorite outfit to wear to work at Lenihan Sotheby’s is a dress. “I know exactly what I’m going to wear … I map it out in my brain and put it on and that’s it,” Crystalyn says. “With a dress, all I have to do is match jewelry and a pair of shoes.”

She’s drawn to Anthropologie and Nordstrom (online) but makes her rounds to local boutiques such as Monkee’s of Louisville. She’s also a fan of White House Black Market for work wear. Crystalyn uses Trendsend, an online shopping service, to help fill out her wardrobe. Stella & Dot often gets her business when it comes to jewelry.

Crystalyn is a big fan of necklaces from Stella & Dot, because they have removable pieces which allow for versatility.  “You can create a completely different look with one necklace,” she says. By Sunni Wigginton 

Tracking south to footwear, her mom’s style still influences her everyday choices. “My mom always wore high heels,” Crystalyn says. And while Crystalyn loves wearing heels, it’s not always practical for her job. In the fall and winter, Tom’s booties adorn her feet. “My wedges have become my new high heel,” says Crystalyn, who wears this type of heel to avoid sinking in the grass during property inspections.

For hair and beauty, this petite mom of three tames her curls with Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum. Depending on the weather, she diffuses her hair to tame the curls or blow dries it straight. For makeup, she’s loyal to NARS for her cheeks and uses Portofino Blush Stick with Orgasm powder over top. For her eyes, she applies Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer in Champagne without additional eye shadow.

Eyelash extensions are a beauty investment she couldn’t live without. The appointments with Carla Judd at Hot Winks last 30 minutes and Crystalyn goes about every three weeks.

Shhh…You’d Never Know These Were Workout Pants
Crystalyn started a Lululemon trend in her office. She’s addicted to the brand for her workout attire, but found one piece that transcends the gym — the Jet Crop (Slim) Luxetreme. “I wear them with a blouse and high heels,” Crystalyn says. “They’re great for traveling. A couple of girls in the office now wear them.” Crystalyn chooses a longer blouse to cover up the drawstring waist.

Her Takeaway
To feel good in what she wears, Crystalyn focuses on the inside. She works out every morning before her day starts churning. “It’s good for my mental health, too,” she says. “The key to my day is working out. I’m doing something that’s good for my body. Then I’m putting on something that makes me feel good. It comes from within.”

What piece of clothing, jewelry or shoes are you wearing right now? We’d love to know what’s in your closet!