Detail image of Monica Stewart for October 2022 issue, AMPED advertorial.

“For me, the reason to do this is for coming back to self… so that we are better at discerning, so that we can know when it is time to say no.”

Written by Lennie Omalza | Photo by Kylene White
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Some companies have to create diversity, equity, and inclusion programs to ensure those qualities exist within their organization. At the Academy of Music Production Education and Development also known as AMPED, they’re a given. “We started off as a music academy for students in West Louisville who didn’t have access to free music lessons,” says Monica Stewart, Director of Operations. “So, we’ve been [focused] on inclusion and diversity since 2014.”

Understanding where the disparities are is an essential part of AMPED’s purpose.  High up on the organization’s list of priorities is helping community members pursue tech careers. “Black and Latinx people make up a mere two percent of the technology and data analytics fields,” Monica says. AMPED’s Technology Workforce Development Program offers classes in IT essentials and data analytics to help increase those numbers as tech jobs are a way to help community members to get on the road to financial solvency. “They can go from earning $15 an hour to $65,000 a year in data analytics.”