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Making College Dreams Come True

Jacqueline E. Ellis is the college transition coach for the Lincoln Foundation. The Lincoln Foundation has been serving talented, underserved students in the Louisville Metro area for more than 110 years, helping them overcome barriers to higher education and achieve their potential. Written by Tabnie Dozier | Photographed by Bill Wine There’s a program in Kentuckiana that’s going beyond the school walls to make sure that aspiring college students are equipped with the tools necessary to graduate from high school and attend college. The Lincoln Foundation is devoted to identifying talented, underserved students [...]

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Ladies Who Launch: VaShaun Mosby | A Pathway Out of Poverty? Now There’s an App for That

Chanel Nicole Photography While on public assistance twenty years ago, VaShaun Mosby vowed to improve her circumstances and help others do the same. Her new app will do both. Written by Rocko Jerome VaShaun Mosby is a woman who doesn’t shy away from a challenge. A Lexington native who overcame a young adulthood spent on public assistance to become a successful technology business owner and “serial entrepreneur,” she is a determined, focused dreamer who saw hard work as her way out. “I make no qualms about it: I was a good girl gone [...]

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Backstage Pass: Crash Courses in Culture

Photo By Sam English Our city’s vast culture and arts scene provides an incredible array of immersive classes for both kids and adults. Here are just a few ways you can tap your creativity this fall. Written by Gioia Patton/Arts Insider Plein Air Painting with Pastels Connect with Mother Nature and capture her beauty through the use of soft pastels, an immediate medium that allows you to translate onto paper what surrounds you in the Gardens. In this three-day series, students will work the first day in Studio learning fundamentals before rendering the [...]

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The Women of Higher Education

Spalding University President Tori McClure. While the ivory towers of academia are typically occupied by men, the opposite is true in our city where strong female presidents lead our local universities into an era of inclusion. Reporting by Christine Fellingham and Rocko Jerome | Photographs by Kylene White and Benji Koelling It’s no secret that women are in the minority in higher education leadership. In 2022, only thirty-three percent of college presidents were women. That number has barely budged in years. Except in Louisville. Here, the majority of the presidents leading our local [...]

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A Woman’s Guide to OB-GYN

Illustration by Branden Barker Annual visits to this specialist are essential to maintaining good health, fertility, longevity, a great sex life and even mental wellbeing. Written by Dawn Anderson | Illustration by Branden Barker Women are the primary healthcare decision makers for their entire families, but often neglect their own health. With the hectic fall and holiday seasons around the corner, don’t make the mistake of postponing your own medical appointments while scheduling everyone else’s. Now is the time to book necessary checkups and appointments for 2024 and your OB-GYN appointment check-up should be [...]

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Open House

In a scenic neighborhood of rolling hills and mature trees, a former Homearama home and its pool with a view provide a perfect place for attorney Lorie Casey to relax and unwind with friends and family. Written by Christine Fellingham | Photographed by Kylene White Lorie Casey (top) says her favorite room is the bedroom (shown here). “It’s my go-to place after a long day at work,” she says. As a criminal defense attorney with a private practice in Bullitt County, Lorie Casey’s work life can be a stressful one. When she walks [...]

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