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The Ladies of Justice

Justice may be blind, but in Louisville, justice is also female. Meet seven women jurists who are shattering the judicial glass ceiling and changing the face of the courts. Written by Lennie Omalza | Photographed by Kylene White | Shot on location at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law | Hair and makeup by Lauren Sutton The women of Louisville’s Jefferson District Court have come a long way. When voters elected the first judges back in 1978, only two were women. Today, only one is a man. This female majority, however, isn’t the [...]

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Publisher’s Blog: January 2023

Let It Go, Sis Written by Tawana Bain | Photo by Dick Arnspiger Is it a cliche to say that a new year should bring a new beginning? Maybe so, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Studies have shown that 91% of new year’s resolutions don’t stick, but if everyone in America made one, that would still be over 301 million that did work. And not just work, but work out, lose weight, save money, quit smoking, and spend more time with family since those are the top resolutions.  And if those statistics [...]

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Modern Family: Un Happy Feet

Just in time for the holidays, Jean west offers relief and remedies that will ease your aching feet into some (more practical) party shoes. Written by Jean West | Photo by Kylene White I used to have beautiful feet. Long and narrow, 7 1/2 quadruple A shoe size. It was hard finding dress shoes in that size, but I loved wearing sandals and open toe shoes. Now, the bunions, scars from metatarsal repair, the occasional corns, and calluses have me covering my feet whenever I can. I can’t really remember when and how those bones [...]

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Backstage Pass: Unbreakable Kim Vaughn

‘The number one thing I can tell you is tell the truth…even if it hurts.’ - Best advice comedian Kim Vaughn ever received, and told to her by comic legend Whoopi Goldberg at a 1989 Derby season event. Despite multiple traumas and her struggles with mental health, comedian Kim Vaughn finds healing in the power of the joke. Written by Gioia Patton/Arts Insider | Photo by Gioia Patton It is said that comedy is born out of pain and for a standup comedian, traumatic life experiences are the jetpack that fuels their craft. There [...]

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Ex in the City: Navigating Holidays Post-Divorce

Co-parenting during the holidays after a breakup can be rough. Dr. Ashley Anderson offers a few helpful tips to make sure the season is stress free and joyful for everyone. Written by Ashley Anderson | Photo by Kylene White Holidays can be overwhelming after a divorce or breakup, especially when there are children involved. My first holiday post-divorce was a poignant reminder of what was no longer and although I had zero desire to reignite the old flame, it was awkward to navigate. From broken traditions to scheduling to gifting, things were very different and [...]

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