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Let’s Talk About Sex: Infinite Love

Multiple partner relationships are becoming less taboo but many people in polyamorous relationships face a social stigma in the workplace. Written by Erin Riedel, LCSW | Illustration by Branden Barker Most of us have been there: you’re in a committed relationship, and you find yourself attracted to someone who’s not your partner. Maybe it’s just a passing flirtation? Or maybe it’s a more serious connection that causes turmoil in your heart – and in your relationship?   A growing number of people have realized that the desire to love more than one person doesn’t have to [...]

By |2022-10-13T16:14:42-04:00October 13, 2022|Health & Wellness, Let's Talk About Sex|

Backstage Pass: Destiny’s Child

Brittany “BeeBee” Patillo: Destiny’s Child Written by Gioia Patton/Arts Insider | Photo by Gioia Patton While many wannabe actors spend years waiting tables, working as temp employees, nannying etc. before landing their first real acting role, it didn’t take actress Brittany “BeeBee” Patillo, a 2019 alumna of the University of Louisville, very long to land a much-coveted position as a member of Actors Theater of Louisville’s 2020-2021 Acting Apprenticeship. Though the 2020 season was canceled due to COVID-19 outbreak, BeeBee basically hit the ground running when it came to launching her career. Some might consider luck [...]

By |2022-10-27T12:37:55-04:00October 13, 2022|Backstage Pass, Life & Style|

In the Kitchen with Damaris: Think Global, Eat Local

Our local restaurant scene isn’t all bourbon and fried chicken. In honor of our diversity issue, Food Network star and local chef Damaris Phillips shares her favorite go-to places for authentic international cuisine. Written by Damaris Phillips | Main Photo by Kylene White | Inset Photos Provided by Damaris Phillips Louisville has a fantastic restaurant scene — we all know that. It’s a source of pride for me when people visit and are blown away by our restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. My heart swells when people praise the amazing meals they enjoyed in our fair city, [...]

By |2022-11-03T16:07:07-04:00October 13, 2022|Home & Garden|

Daring to Live Differently: 3 Independent Women in the Disability Community

“So many people can’t believe how long I’ve been out on my own; they told me at the nursing home (that) I’d ‘never survive’ on my own.” — Jackie K. The 36 million American women who are part of the disability community face daily challenges in a world that’s not designed to meet their needs. Here, the stories of three who overcame obstacles to live independently and happily on their own terms. Written by Gioia Patton | Photos by Mary Helen Nunn In her apartment, you might find Jackie K. listening to audiobooks or [...]

By |2022-10-10T17:00:21-04:00October 10, 2022|Community & Sisterhood|

Allyship in the Workplace

When we leverage privilege at work to uplift those with less power, the payoff is increased productivity and a happier work culture. Written by Lisa Weseman | Illustrations by Branden Barker We devote a third of our life to work — often spending more time with our co-workers than we do our own families. With so much time invested in these relationships, it’s only natural that our colleagues often begin to feel like a family. But how do the family dynamics work in a business setting — particularly when the work “family” represents a diversity of [...]

By |2022-10-10T15:49:05-04:00October 7, 2022|Life & Style|
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