By Brigid Morrissey

I sat on the edge of the pavement by Dog Hill in Cherokee Park, observing the energy and movement of passersby. The park was alive with lone joggers, pet enthusiasts, and friends strolling along the paved walking path. Of the women I interviewed, several of them were at the park because of a change they decided to make, whether it was for their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being.

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Emotional: “There’s a battle in everyone, and it’s how you carry the load. That’s how I live.”

Spiritual: “I had that aha moment where I realized I actually have to stop and enjoy life. Maybe it’s because I’m retiring from my job.”

Physical: “Dancing tango has not only brought awareness of my body, but the partner I dance with. I’ve learned oneness. One heart, one soul.”

Mental: “I help women become their best. I’ve been reading about what makes women love, how they share, and what makes them awesome. I’ve also been reading articles on archetypes and what makes women who they are.”

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