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Brittany Hill-Whitehead is the AMPED RTBI program director.

They’re Helping West Louisville Businesses Build Power

Written by Tiffany White | Photo provided by AMPED
Sponsored by: AMPED RTBI | 4425 Greenwood Ave, Louisville, KY 40211 | Phone: (502) 822-1953 | Website: AMPEDLouisville.org

Launched In 2021, the Amped Russell Technology Business Incubator (RTBI) is designed as a state-of-the-art Black and Latinx business incubator and technology service center offering business development training, business services, assessments, referrals, and wraparound services to incubating businesses. RTBI provides the support small businesses need to launch in West Louisville communities. Which include access to Start Up Coaches, stipends for living expenses, access to mental health counseling, and access to seed capital needed for their businesses to maximize their potential for success. Participants receive business development certificate classes from universities and colleges in pricing, marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, and more. AMPED RTBI also provides guidance for our business by managing a powerful “Learning Journey” designed to support and foster generational wealth.  Within three to five years, RTBI will be a national model for creating spaces for businesses that foster economic growth, mobility, entrepreneurship, and independence.

“Having spaces like AMPED RTBI in our community is imperative because it engages the creativity in visionaries and innovators. It also allows those in the black community to be inspired with spaces that allow us to grow in ways we haven’t had access to before.”